Lenz Labs Train Livery

Designing a livery for a train with first of a kind traction technology.

As a designer, I had the opportunity to work on an exciting project for Lenz Labs, a startup developing innovative magnetic traction systems for trains. The company had recently purchased a Mk 3 DVT train and was looking for a fresh livery design to demonstrate their technology and promote the brand as it sought partnership and investment.

About the design

My goal was to create a livery that was fast, futuristic, and reflective of Lenz Labs' values as a high-tech, innovative, and sustainably-driven company. I designed the livery to visually elongate the train and give it a sense of motion, using tapered lines and shapes that extend existing features of the DVT. I also incorporated negative space to silhouette the outline of a fast pod, with accent lines akin to aerodynamic flow lines.

To ensure compliance with rail safety standards, the livery incorporated yellow sections on the front and rear, which also nods to the heritage of the British rail industry.

In addition to the livery, I also designed graphics for the train and other Lenz Labs branding, including a logo for their Traction Hub system and a tagline graphic for their mission to 'give traction to sustainable mobility'.

How the project progressed

Working closely with the Lenz Labs cofounders, I proposed and iterated on various designs, progressing from sketches to mock-ups in Illustrator to the final design, which was painted at the Bo'ness Railway Station. The project ran quickly and efficiently, progressing from kick-off to painted in under 3 months, staying on schedule as part of a wider project with the Department for Transport.

It was an honour to work with Lenz Labs and their embracing of bold design decisions. The final result was not just a train livery but a moving billboard to promote the company and its sustainable technology. I'm excited to see the train running on tracks, showcasing the company's innovative technology while catching the eyes of the public.

Lenz Labs Train with my livery design

Behind the scenes workings