Sainsbury's Bank Credit Card App

As the Digital Product Manager for the Sainsbury's Bank Credit Card App, I'm proud to be the PM for a dedicated team delivering a great digital experience for Sainsbury's Bank's customers.

Our app has seen significant growth in user engagement to over 450k active users as we've implemented major features such as Apple Pay, Transaction Enrichment, Balance Transfers and View PIN which have each brought significant benefits to both customers and the bank. Our App is highly-praised by customers and places in the top 100 chart in the App Store's Finance category in the UK with a 4.9 star rating.

Since joining, I've worked to establish the first agile product team within Sainsbury's Bank in the App Team. We're a team of over 20 people, including engineers, designers, architects and BAs; and are super focused on building useful features for customers and maintaining our app's security and stability for customers.

During my time at Sainsbury's Bank, we've also introduced sophisticated data analytics and experimentation to provide useful insights on customer engagement with app. This has led to further improvement and optimisation of user journeys and the Bank’s commercial offerings. 

As a product manager, I've developed my skills in all aspects of the product development process, including user and market research, UI/UX design, stakeholder management, and product marketing. My involvement in these areas has allowed me to form a well-devised roadmap for the app, prioritise the backlog and make informed decisions quickly. I'm constantly looking to improve my product management skills, and I work closely with the team to ensure that our app and our team are continuously improving.

Key app features launched: