Hyperloop Airport Project

 R&D on a high-speed transit network linking underutilized airports as an alternative solution to adding airport capacity in the South-East of England.

The Hyperloop Airport research project, proposed by the Commercial team at HYPED, aimed to address the challenging issue of adding airport capacity in the South-East of England. With Heathrow's proposed third runway facing significant opposition, the project proposed a network of Hyperloop high-speed transit links between underutilised airports and runways as a means of adding cost-effective, remote airport capacity.

The research focused on analysing topics such as airport capacity, noise contours, total journey times and addressable population via remote expansion. Through this research, the project demonstrated how Hyperloop systems could shorten total journey times for connecting remote airports and runways to times comparable of inter-terminal links.

The project was supported by Costain, Santander and Edinburgh University Business School, as part of HYPED's entry in the Virgin Hyperloop Global Challenge. My research and findings were presented to stakeholders at Costain and to the President of the Institution of Civil Engineers. 

This experience gave me an in-depth understanding of the technical, operational and financial aspects of implementing a Hyperloop system, and valuable insight into the future of transportation infrastructure.

Hyperloop Airport Integration Presentation at ICE x Costain event

Hyperloop Cargo Station - Fosters + Partners

Hyperloop Airport Visualisation - HYPED