Jack Noble

Product Manager | Edinburgh, UK

About Me

Hi, I'm Jack,

I'm a Product Manager based in Edinburgh with a background in product, engineering and entrepreneurship. I work at Sainsbury's Bank as a Digital Product Manager for the mobile app team.

Occasionally I also work as a designer, specialising in design for tech and engineering-driven companies.

I like combining data, design and technology to build great digital experiences for customers.

Selected work

A startup developing AI-powered transit management software for micromobility networks.

Performing R&D on Hyperloop, the futuristic mode of high-speed, mass transportation.

Researching and developing business cases for an Autonomous Vehicle subscription service with McLaren.

A network of Hyperloop links connecting underutilised airports and runways as a means of adding airport capacity around London.

A underwater robot deigned to explore the waters of space as part of a NASA ROV engineering competition.