Vennle was an early-stage startup developing AI-powered Transit Management Software for micromobility (bike/scooter) operators; including data analysis, optimisation, and auto-decision technology.

As Co-Founder and Managing Director of Vennle, I developed the product vision for an AI transit management software to help bring advanced analytics and management tools to public transport agencies.

Vennle's Transit Platform was a software solution allowing transit operators to access forecasting, optimisation and auto-decision tools. This enabled agencies to dynamically manage their networks to varying demand and automate some of the high-frequency, operational decisions required of effective transit management.

Our MVP, developed for micromobility schemes (bike and scooter sharing), assisted with vehicle redistribution to help optimise the networks for utilisation, ridership, and profitability.

We formed a partnership with Edinburgh's Just-Eat Cycles, operated by Serco, the UK's largest bike-sharing operator. Serco supported our team, provided data, and delivered excellent user feedback and input into product development.

As a small startup, my responsibilities were varied. I created our product roadmap and business plan, leading Vennle through market and user research, and product discovery/delivery stages. I engaged in new product development with engineers, directly contributing to data analysis and data visualisation software, and UX/UI design for Vennle’s MVP.

Finally, I also worked on commercial efforts, such as writing and pitching Vennle's business plan and engaging stakeholders such as Serco. Vennle was also selected to join the Wayra AI and Blockchain Accelerator, run by Telefonica, Cisco and Edinburgh University.