HYPED is a student society at The University of Edinburgh leading R&D into Hyperloop, including the engineering of pods as part of SpaceX’s competition, and research and commercialisation efforts with Virgin Hyperloop.

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From 2016 to 2018, I was a member of HYPED, The University of Edinburgh Hyperloop Team. Hyperloop is potentially the future of mass transportation by which electrically propelled pods travel autonomously through a near-vacuum tube. The pods would be capable of speeds comparable to aircraft and could see a journey such as Edinburgh to London shortened to 50 minutes.

The HYPED team became leaders for Hyperloop in the UK, presenting around the world and collaborating with organisations such as Virgin Hyperloop, SpaceX, Costain and many more.

I contributed to the team as Head of Sponsorship, as a Researcher in the Commercial Team, and as a Designer.

Researcher (Commercial Team)

I worked on two research projects at HYPED, the first was developing a proposal for the airport integration of Hyperloop as means of addressing airport capacity constraints in South-East England. More info.

The second was researching and analysing Mobility as a Service and multimodal transport systems, identifying potential routes for Hyperloop’s integration and commercialisation. This research eventually formed some of the initial market research and product discovery work for Vennle.

HYPED's combined research and engineering efforts helped our team become leaders for Hyperloop in the UK. In 2017, HYPED was named as one of 10 winners of the Virgin Hyperloop One Global Challenge from some 2600 entries for our proposed Hyperloop UK route.

HYPED is a winner of the Virgin Hyperloop One Global Challenge

Head of Sponsorship

I led our team to raise funds for HYPED's R&D efforts. During my 2 years in the Sponsorship team, we raised £300,000 of cash and in-kind sponsorship, and grew the sponsorship value raised by 300% YoY, becoming Edinburgh's highest-funded society.

As Head of Sponsorship, I developed and executed a sponsorship strategy, managing a team of 3 to pitch, secure and engage over 25 sponsors, including Skyscanner, RS Components, Leonardo, and Cirrus Logic. I also collaborated with internal and external teams to ensure funds were distrusted in coordination with engineering and business teams’ needs, and that sponsorship commitments, such as co-hosted events, team recruitment and marketing were fulfilled and exceeded, resulting in excellent sponsor retention.

The sponsorship raised enabled HYPED to design and build a Hyperloop pod to compete in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in 2017 and 2018, and place 6th of 1000 teams worldwide as the best UK team.


Value raised of cash and in-kind sponsorship over two years at HYPED


In addition to my primary roles in Research and as Head of Sponsorship, I contributed as a Designer which involved working on the team's branding and design efforts. This included the website and digital graphics, team merch (mission patches, roller banners, business cards etc) and the pods' liveries for the SpaceX competition.