Autonomous Vehicle Service

A proposal for a subscription service for Autonomous Vehicles as a means of accelerating widespread adoption of AVs; collaborating with McLaren as a winner of The Telegraph UK STEM Awards competition.

During my first year of university, I entered The Telegraph UK STEM Awards with a proposal for a subscription service for shared Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) as a means of encouraging the widespread and rapid adoption of AVs. The proposal delivered research and analysis of potential business models which could support AVs and offered solutions and insights on the automotive sector's shift to becoming shared, connected and autonomous.

Competition sponsor, McLaren, selected me as the Winner in the Innovation Category and one of 5 winners of the STEM Awards from 3000 entries nationwide. Following my initial written proposal, I progressed through three competitions stages, pitching to industry leaders and C-level executives at McLaren, Babcock International, The Telegraph and the BBC.

McLaren supported the project and, in Summer 2017, their team and I collaborated to refine the proposal and gave me the opportunity to explore McLaren across their Racing, Automotive and Applied Technologies divisions.

My interest and work on future mobility for this project was invaluable in developing the product vision for Vennle two years later.